Office Relocation and Corporate Moves in San Francisco

With its sunny and scenic West Coast location, San Francisco stands out as one of the liveliest economies in the U.S. It is currently headquarters to dozens of companies from around the country and the globe. If you wish to join this eclectic and vibrant City on the Bay, you may wonder what precautions you need to take now to ensure that the move goes off without a hitch. These pointers are just a few ways that can make your corporate relocation to San Francisco successful and profitable.

Notify Your Employees in Writing

If you plan on taking your team of employees with you, you will need to let them know in writing that they can move with the company to the West Coast. You are required by law to provide them this notification in writing. It cannot be done verbally, by phone, or via email. Federal law mandates that you give them at least a 30 day notice so that those who want to move have time to get their personal affairs in order. The notice also lets those who wish or need to stay in your current location enough time to find a new job or file for temporary unemployment while they look for more permanent employment elsewhere.

If your team belongs to a union in your city or state, you may need to check with the union to see if it has laws regarding reasonable time for notification. Some unions require that their members be afforded at least a couple of months' advance notice. Any officer from the union should be able to provide you with this information readily.

Find Real Estate in San Francisco

Before you can give notification to your employees, you must find a physical location to which to move your business. You may need to travel to San Francisco a few times to look at available office or store locations for sale or lease. Likewise, if you plan on building a brand new location, you need to work with city officials to make sure you have all of the necessary building and utility permits for constructing a new building.

If you are unable to stay in San Francisco for very long during each visit, you may need to hire an office broker, commercial real estate agent and a lawyer who can work on your behalf in this city. These individuals can secure your permits, find places to buy or lease, or be on the lookout for prime real estate to locate your company.

Locate Corporate Housing if Needed

Depending on the time line for your move, you may need to locate corporate housing for you and any employees that have yet to secure housing in San Francisco. Corporate housing gives you the comfort of a furnished apartment while also providing you with amenities like maid service and free WiFi and cable.

If you need to secure this housing for your employees, you also may want to check into places that have both short and long-term leasing available. This lease option will give you the most flexibility in your relocation encounters any unforeseen delays or changes in the time line.

Retain Moving Services

You cannot move all of your store or office's furniture and belongings. The actual moving part of the relocation will need to be handled by professional movers. Moving services that specialize in corporate relocations can keep your move on schedule. They also provide conveniences like packing, loading, and transporting your belongings.

San Francisco can be an ideal place to move your company. You can prepare now by taking note of these key strategies for relocating.