Office Relocation and Corporate Moves in Miami

Miami shows signs of being one of the fastest growing economic hubs in America; entrepreneurs recognize the potential that can be enjoyed by relocating their businesses to Miami. While you understandably want to stake your claim in this growing and exciting international market, you may consider a few basic suggestions before moving your own company to Miami. These tips will ensure that your business grows and becomes more profitable and that you abide by all of the necessary laws in place by the federal and state government.

The Feasibility of Moving to Miami

From a distance, the opportunity that possibly awaits you in Miami may seem impressive. However, you should still use a feasibility study to identify just what advantages await you and what disadvantages could lie in store. You also would fare well to explore the resources available to you that can help you grow your business even larger.

A feasibility study likewise helps you predict how well your business might actually do against your competitors and with the available target audience in Miami. By having these details identified and available to you, you can adjust your marketing plan accordingly and decide if and when to relocate to Miami.

Human Resources and Florida Laws

If you are moving to Miami from out of state, you would do well to find out whether or not that state has at-will employment laws in place. If it is an at-will employment state, you may need to adjust your hiring and firing processes. You likewise may need to adjust your contracts with workers whom you plan to relocate to your Miami office or store.

Along with adjusting your contracts with your employees, you also are bound to notify them in writing about the upcoming move to Miami. Federal law requires a 30-day written notice for domestic relocations. If any of your employees belong to skill or trade unions, you may further be bound by union laws in regards to how far in advance you must notify these workers in writing.

Some states also allow for employees to negotiate relocation expenses, such as the first month's rent on an apartment or the expenses for hiring a moving service. Before you notify your employees, you must learn about what laws apply to the time line for which you must provide written notice of your impending corporate relocation.

Temporary Housing

Another aspect of caring for your employees involves making sure they are properly housed right after the relocation. If you are moving a smaller team of employees to Miami first, for example, you may need to secure temporary corporate housing where they can enjoy the comforts of home until they find permanent housing.

Corporate housing provides your employees with basics like a kitchen, laundry room, cable TV, phone and Internet service, and a furnished apartment. It provides for their most essential housing needs for both short term and long term stays. Miami has a range of corporate housing complexes available for your consideration.

Hiring Moving Services

Finally, moving to Miami requires that hire a moving service to pack, load, transport, and unload your corporate fixtures, furniture, electronics, and more. This work may be well beyond anything you and your staff can handle.

You can get all of your items moved safely by hiring a professional moving service. A reliable service will utilize the latest technology and safeguards like a bill of lading contract.

Miami continues to offer economic promise. You can take advantage of this growing market by using these strategies and relocating your business to Miami.