Office Relocation and Corporate Moves in Manhattan

Thousands of domestic and international businesses call Manhattan their home. This borough of New York City has long been an epicenter for much of the world's financial and commercial trade. When you want to get in on the action by relocating your own business to Manhattan, you can prepare by considering how you can prepare your company and your staff for the upcoming move. Taking care of these details now will allow you to enjoy immediate success so that you can grow your company to new heights.

Learn About Manhattan Relocations

One of the best ways to prepare for moving to Manhattan is to study how other companies that have moved there have been impacted by their own relocations. You can see what challenges they faced and how they overcame them. You can also identify what you can do differently to ensure your own success.

Another important consideration involves undertaking a feasibility study of Manhattan. You can identify the advantages and disadvantages of relocating and also learn about what resources in Manhattan could make your move easier. Having this information available at your convenience can help you avoid crucial mistakes that could spell your business' doom soon after arriving in the city.

Help Employees Prepare

As your company's leader, you have the duty to help your team prepare for the upcoming relocation. You are legally required to notify them in advance so that they can make preparations at home to join you in Manhattan. A 30-day written notice must be delivered to your employees so they know the time line for the impending move.

You also can make it easier for your employees by providing corporate housing for those individuals who are unable to secure housing for themselves or their families upon arriving in Manhattan. Corporate housing provides many of the comforts of home at costs that you and your employees can generally afford. You can pay for either all or a portion of their housing costs as they search for more permanent housing within Manhattan.

Another detail that you may think about involves how New York's employment law will affect your relationship with your employees. You may need to find out to what extent the state's at-will employment laws play a role in your own hiring and firing of your staff. You also may need to learn for how long your former state's at-will laws may impact your company's future in Manhattan.

Move Your Company's Furniture, Supplies and More

Moving from your former corporate home to Manhattan will undoubtedly involve packing, loading, and transporting your store or office's fixtures. When you have furniture, computer systems, electronics, decorations, and countless other items to move, you may find that you cannot handle this amount of work alone, let alone with any of your employees.

Rather, you are encouraged to partner with a commercial moving service that has expertise in helping companies move from one location to another. This service can pack up, label, load, move, and unpack your company's physical belongings so that you can focus on contacting clients, setting up appointments, securing utilities, and taking care of other important tasks required to set up your business. By the time your possessions are unloaded and ready to be placed in your new office or store, you could be within a few days' time of launching your business in its new Manhattan home.

Manhattan is one of the busiest and most vibrant economic and commercial hubs in the world. Countless businesses flock to Manhattan each year to stake their claim to this growing market. You can get ready for your own Manhattan relocation by utilizing these strategies now.