Office Relocation and Corporate Moves in Denver

Denver, the Mile High City, offers companies one of the most strategic locations in the country. Situated in between major cities on the West Coast like Los Angeles and San Francisco, as well as key cities in the Midwest like St. Louis and Kansas City, Denver provides companies with ample opportunities to reach clients throughout the country.

Before you move your company to Denver, however, you should be aware of what regulations may impact your relocation. You can plan accordingly by keeping these tips in mind.

Find Office Space in Denver

As one of the largest cities in the Rocky Mountain area, Denver enjoys a competitive commercial real estate market. Before you move your company, it may pay you to visit the city and find several locations that could be suitable for your company.

You can also retain the services of a Denver-based office space broker or commercial real estate agent. This person can ensure that your space is ready and that all of the necessary permits and paperwork are submitted to the county, city, and state prior to your move.

Reasonable Employee Notification

Along with finding a place to move your company to, you also must notify your employees about the relocation. Whether you are taking just a few or your entire team, you are mandated by state and federal law to provide them with a reasonable notification within a certain time frame.

The federal government mandates that the written notice about your relocation be given at least 30 days in advance. Depending on the state in which you are currently located, you may need to give up to 60 days' notification. Likewise, some unions also require a 60 to 90 day written notice about corporate moves. If your workers are members of a union, you would do well to check with its rules about written notices and reasonable time before sending out word about the company moving.

Corporate Housing

Another practicality to think about involves finding housing for you, your family, and your employees. If you send out the standard 30 day written notice, you may need to secure corporate housing for your workers. This type of housing will provide them with basic amenities like cable TV, laundry facilities, and maid service while they look for more permanent housing in Denver.

You also may need to secure it for yourself. This housing will provide you with a place to rest at night and relax on the weekends. Many corporate housing communities allow you to pay for your team's expenses and yours with business accounts. You could even use this expense as a tax write-off when you file taxes next year.

Moving Services

When you want to get moved quickly and professionally, you should hire a professional moving service that specializes in relocating corporate clients. This service will be able to pack up your store or office, load and label all of your belongings, and transport them to your new Denver location. It also should be able to provide you with safeguards like insurance and a bill of lading contract that allows you to authorize what services you need for your move.