Office Relocation and Corporate Moves in Dallas

Dallas remains one of the most vibrant urban economies in the U.S. The worst of the recent economic downturn bypassed this city of more than one million people, allowing it to continue to thrive when other metro areas like Detroit suffered. Because it stands out as one of the top cities in the U.S. to start or grow a business, many business owners are relocating their companies to Dallas. When you plan to join the ranks of Dallas-bound business owners, you can ensure that your company continues to do well by remembering these key strategies before, during, and after your relocation.

Legal Strategies

Dallas continues to be an economic leader in part because of the laws in place to protect both businesses and workers. The Texas Workforce Commission enforces regulations and laws that ensure that businesses can operate safely and profitably while also providing for their employees' most basic work-related needs.

Before you move your company to Dallas, you are encouraged to research the various employment laws may affect your company and those individuals working for you. One law, the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act, requires that you allow your workers to take advantage of medically-approved leave and still compensate them if applicable during the time they are away from their positions.

Another law, the Jobs for Veterans Act of 2002, requires that all companies located in Texas make the same employment opportunities available for veterans as they would for any other applicant. While this and other laws may be similar to laws that are enforced in your current state, you are reminded to do your due research and make sure that you understand how these laws will be enforced for your business once you arrive in Dallas.

Professional Strategies

You may have employees who are overjoyed at the thought of moving to Dallas. However, you also may have workers who would rather stay where they are and not leave their loved ones behind. Because you cannot force your workers to relocate with your company, you are required by federal law to give them enough warning in writing to act in their own best interests.

In most cases, a 30-day written notice must be provided so that your employees know in advance that they have the opportunity to relocate. This month's notice lets people sell their homes, give notices to their landlords, look for a new place to live in Dallas, and take care of other transfer-related tasks. Those individuals who cannot move with their positions because of court orders, such as a parental custody arrangement with their ex-spouse or a divorce decree, will need to look for a new job. Your written notice gives them time to search for new employment or file for unemployment if applicable.

Tactical Strategies

A practical part of moving your company to Dallas involves hiring a contractor who can actually pack up, load, and transport your business' supplies, furniture, fixtures, and other assets. You understandably cannot expect your employees to move their office supplies, computers, and more with them. You likewise need a way to ensure that all of your most sensitive equipment and documents get packed away and loaded safely.

You can take care of this necessary aspect of relocating your business by hiring a professional moving service that is skilled in corporate moves. You also would do well to choose one that utilizes a contractual bill of lading so that you know step-by-step what to expect, from the initial packing to the transport and unloading of your business' possessions.