Office Relocation and Corporate Moves in Boston

When moving your headquarters, entire corporation or just a single office to the Boston area, you will be joining some of the largest companies in the United States. These businesses include John Hancock Financial Network, the American Research and Development Corporation, Bain Capital, Molecular Biology Core Facilities, Merrymount Press, MediaOne, and Harvard Common Press among many others.

Massachusetts Business Laws and Regulations

Your company's move to Boston will require that you understand and follow the business laws and regulations which have been put in place through the State of Massachusetts. While most states follow the same federal employment and business regulations, each individual state has their own set of guidelines which must be followed.

In 1993, the State of Massachusetts adopted the concept of employee reporting. This requires employers to provide documentation on each of their staff members related to hiring, termination, workers' compensation, and retirement activities.

Offices and corporations which move to the Boston area are under the same obligation to obtain permits and licenses required by the state. The specific permits and licenses that your company must file for vary from one industry to another. You can find out all specifics on the necessary licenses and permits you are obligated to obtain through the Executive Office of Labor and Development for the State of Massachusetts. These applications should be filed for an in place prior to the transition of your office or corporation. Without having all necessary permits and licenses your company will be faced with delays in operation.

Many business facilities in the heart of Boston have limited space for parking. You should know the layout of your company and obtain any necessary permits with the city needed for designated parking for staff members. Some company facilities require that their staff utilized parking garages situated throughout the city or use public transportation such as city buses or trains. This should be information that is shared with all employees so that confusion can be minimized.

Employee Rights

Massachusetts places the utmost importance on the rights of employees in all Boston-based businesses. When your company has made the transition to its Boston facilities you should understand the rights your staff members will have. The state recognizes all federal rights your employees have including the Family and Medical Leave Act. The state also has their own employee rights that businesses in all industries are expected to follow. These rights include certain levels of health insurance coverage which is to be provided to them. Companies all have the ability to gain funding for new employee training which provides monies to businesses that hire citizens of the State of Massachusetts that have been unemployed for 6 or more months. Safety training grants are also available to businesses for ensuring that programs can be put in place within the company that will help prevent safety and promote healthy work conditions for all employees of the company.

Employees are protected under the Whistleblowers Act as well. This is a right provided to employees within the state of Massachusetts that protects anyone from bringing concerns within the workplace to the attention of superiors or government departments. It is mandatory for all Boston-based businesses to post an employee's rights poster on work premises. The area in which this poster is placed must be accessible by all employees.

Considers Prior to Your Business Office or Corporate Move

Prior to moving your business offices or corporation to the Boston area, there are certain things that you must consider to ensure that your business can begin operation as soon as the transition is complete. Too often companies overlook the importance of having all IT solutions in place that their business depends on. You should begin seeking service providers and installers for IT needs approximately 6 weeks before your move to the Boston area. This will allow your service providers to ensure that all needed technology is properly laid out and working as needed. Many IT professionals will remain in contact with you throughout the installation process to guarantee that your office and business facilities will meet your demands. If security cameras or safety devices are needed, these systems should be connected simultaneously with your other IT equipment and networking systems.

Knowing the laws and regulations related to your specific company prior to moving your business offices or corporation to the Boston area has many benefits. Beyond simply being able to start operations immediately, your company will gain the ability to take part in all tax breaks, funding programs, and other such amenities that are unique to Boston-based businesses. Contacting the Department of Labor and Development will provide you with necessary resources and links to information that can save you both time and money.