Office Relocation and Corporate Moves in Atlanta

When you make the decision to relocate your corporate business to Atlanta, Georgia, you will be joining many major companies that have made their move before you. Companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Aflac, Delta Air Lines, Coca-Cola, and many others have found the Atlanta area to be beneficial for their operation. Atlanta offers the ability for corporations to expand and reach the multitudes of people that can utilize the products and services being offered with ease.

There are some major considerations which must be taken into account prior to making the move from your current location to Atlanta. You must ensure that you have the proper tax identification for your company on file. This information can be obtained through any of the Secretary of State offices located in Georgia. You can also file electronically for your Georgia state tax identification number which will take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.

Understand the tax breaks that are available through the State of Georgia for relocating corporations planning a transition to the Atlanta area. These tax breaks will help increase your company's bottom line while providing you with beneficial solutions for business locations, financing, staffing, labor and training programs, and much more.

Know the Labor Laws in Atlanta

While most of the labor laws which are in place throughout the United States are similar from one state to another, there are specific differences in Georgia which must be addressed when planning a corporate move to Atlanta. You should become familiar with the State of Georgia labor laws which are in place and available through the Georgia Department of Labor.

The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act was put in place in 2006. This regulation requires that all businesses including corporations relocating to Atlanta to verify that employees within the company meet employment eligibility. This can be completed through the Employment Eligibility Verification/Basic Pilot Program. This program is operated through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The Worker Adjustment and Retaining Notification Act is another regulation that every corporation relocating to Atlanta should understand. This act states that employers must provide their employees with notification of the company closing or mass layoffs that are to take place within the business at least 60 days before action is taken. While transitioning corporations looking to grow within Atlanta may not feel this is pertinent to their purposes, many businesses have found themselves severely fined for not understanding these laws.

Not all laws and regulations pertaining to relocating corporations to the Atlanta area are created to ensure the safety of the employees. The Workforce Investment Act is a prime example of the laws and regulations which are designed with the company's best interests in mind. This act allows for federation job training programs that can be utilized by corporations to cut down on operating costs and ensure highly trained staff access for local businesses.

Atlanta Corporate Moving Tips

Moving a corporation from one location to another can be complicated regardless of the distance. There are some tips you can follow to ensure that your corporate move to Atlanta is more rewarding than not.

When your corporate move involves the relocation of staff as well as business property it is advisable to create a moving guide. This guide will allow all employees of the company to be aware of what to expect during this business relocation. Including a unison checklist will go a long way during the companywide transition.

Know the layout of your new business facilities. Once you have found and secured your new office space, create a floor plan that clearly shows where employees will be located, the company equipment will be placed, access points to business property, conference locations, and other important aspects of your new facilities. This will prevent confusion for movers as well as staff that will be responsible for the transition. You will find that having a visual floor plan available will help with making necessary arrangements business property.

File for all necessary licenses and permits required for operating your corporation in Atlanta. The State of Georgia does mandate that business licenses for all types of corporations be obtained before the company can proceed with operations. If your company wishes to file as a foreign entity there are separate forms which must be filed with the Secretary of State as well. If your business is currently located in another state you must make preparations for obtaining a State of Georgia tax I.D. number as well. This has caused many corporations that have relocated to Atlanta unwanted delays.

You can realize all the benefits corporations in Atlanta are experiencing with your own corporate transition. Familiarize yourself with the labor laws, local businesses, product and service demands, and other such details that exist in the area you will be moving your corporation to. This information is freely available through the Georgia Better Business Bureau, the Secretary of State offices in Georgia, as well as the Atlanta Department of Business and Labor Affairs.