Serviced Apartments for Corporate Residences

Most employers that require workers to travel extensively accommodate them by securing corporate housing while they are away from home. Serviced apartments allow employees to enjoy a home-like atmosphere and many conveniences like free cable TV and housekeeping while likewise letting these workers focus on their professional tasks. When it comes to selecting serviced apartments, however, employers may be encouraged to keep several factors in mind. These elements of corporate residences allow companies to provide for their employees' housing needs without compromising their business' budget or profitability.


Regardless of whether the employees will be dispatched for just a few days or longer periods of time, businesses are always mindful of the cost for serviced apartments. As these residences grow in availability and popularity, they also can now be found in a host of price ranges.

Many serviced apartment communities also routinely offer specials throughout the year, particularly during the slow travel seasons. Corporations can save money by taking advantage of these specials and by securing housing at a location that fits within their budgets.


Along with pricing, location also plays a key role in deciding what corporate housing to secure for employees. Most corporations want their employees to be as close as possible to their place of work so that they can work better and also be on hand in case of late-night meetings or unforeseen work disasters.

Because many companies also pay for the travel expenses of their employees staying in corporate residences, they also want their employees to be located close to work to save on transit fare or gasoline costs. If employees are within walking distance, for example, businesses can provide for these individuals' housing needs and also save money by choosing a corporate residence that is close to the store or office.


Even the most professional and dedicated of employees can become homesick. When corporate leaders want their employees to stay focused on work rather than missing their families, these business owners or managers may choose a residence that has a host of amenities available for guests.

Conveniences like:

  • cable TV
  • free WiFi
  • free continental breakfasts
  • maid service
  • valet dry cleaning
  • an exercise room and pool
  • in-room kitchenette

These types of conveniences can help employees feel more at home and allow them to make the transition from their houses to their short or long-term corporate housing. It also minimizes the chances that they will miss the comforts of home and their families.


While some businesses only send employees out into the field for a few days, others need their workers to be away from home weeks or months at a time. When selecting corporate housing, business leaders would do well to select residences that are available on both short-term and long-term bases.

When they know that they can house their employees at a particular residence for a month or longer, owners and managers avoid having to reserve rooms at pricier hotels. They also do not have to worry about having to renew short-term leases or buy out lengthier leases if the project ends early. Residences that have flexible lease options available for both short-term and long-term stays can help businesses save money and allow dispatched workers to remain focused on their tasks.

Serviced apartments can be an ideal choice for people who must travel for their work. Their employers can provide for their needs by taking some basic aspects of this unique housing choice into mind. These considerations can help managers and business owners take care of their workers' housing needs.