Corporate Relocations and Office Moves

Your business plan may call for office relocation in the coming months or next year. Before you finalize your plans and begin to prepare for your business' future, you should take time now to consider the many details that go into a successful domestic or international relocation. By taking these considerations into mind now, you can ensure that your company's future will remain promising and profitable.

Identifying the Perfect Location

The primary step you must take to ensure your company's stability calls for you to identify just where you would like to relocate. Deciding where to move your company is more than just picking a spot on the map. You must ensure that your new corporate home will treat you and your employees well and give you access to what you need to succeed.

You can take care of this important first step by carrying out a feasibility study. A feasibility study identifies what resources you will have access to, details the pros and cons of your proposed move, and also narrows in on what laws will affect you now and into the future.

With the study's results on hand, you can then decide if this location is perfect for your company or if you need to consider another place to which to relocate. Feasibility studies are crucial to invest in prior to any corporate move.

Taking Care of Legalities

Another important part of moving your company involves ensuring its legality. When you move your business, you must ensure that you have all of the paperwork and documentation you need to abide by the local, state, and federal laws. Some of the documents you may be expected to obtain if you are moving to a new state or country include:

  • Building permits
  • Visas
  • Work permits
  • Proof of insurance
  • Certifications or licensing

It can take several weeks, if not months to obtain these documents. Many business owners partner with third-party services that help procure the paperwork you need to move. This partnership lets you focus on running your business and preparing your employees while the service files the paperwork and obtains all of the permits you need to move and set up new operations elsewhere.

Human Resource Matters

Moving your company calls for you to take care of your employees both before and after the move. You can start now by notifying them promptly about the upcoming relocation. Giving them sufficient warning allows them to prepare themselves and their families for the move.

Advanced notification also lets you stay within the confines of the laws surrounding reasonable time for corporate relocations. Employees have the right to reasonable notification in writing. This right and several other employee rights must be observed before you can expect your staff to relocate with your company.

Packing Up and Moving Out

Of course, the actual moving of your company plays into a successful relocation. Rather than take on such a monumental and physical task by yourself, you can outsource the moving of your company by hiring a professional moving service.

Professional movers use the latest technology like GPS tracking to keep track of your possessions and a bill of lading contracts to secure your authorization to their services. Movers can pack up, load, label, transport, and unload your office or store fixtures faster than you or your employees could handle these tasks by yourselves. You can get your relocation off to a successful start by procuring professional moving services.

Relocating your company calls for your utmost attention to detail. It is advisable to start preparing for your move by taking these aspects of your relocation into consideration now.